Unique Approach Towards Social Media And Networking Platforms

man is social animal
Aptly Said – Man Is A Social Animal

These buzzwords are trending since centuries and continue to do so till 21st century and more to follow on. Isn't it? It's high time now to come up with your social community. Get to us to share your thoughts on preferred likeminded community.

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A Quick Reference Right Below
Heart Of Concept – Networking

As networking is so important in our day to day life so it is on social platforms. Imagine you have landed on the website with no connections and thus no corresponding updates or relevant content. Baffling it is! Right?

Users on board search for likeminded people, celebrities, followers and followings. Feeds and connections are important modules for implementation. These 2 are preliminary aspects that we considered while developing fully fledged networking solution.

As soon as user signs up, ask to enrich socio circle and connections. Connection choice depends on various parameters such as interest, beliefs, same geography and mutual connections aspect as similar to LinkedIn etc. Feeds are immediately populated to follow-upon.

Remember, success of your social platform depends on the networking algorithm you choose. Please tell us on your specific needs for networking model or we can suggest based on your concept.

heart of concept - networking
sharing content
Spread The Word – Share It Now!

So, you have the networking users with content on board. Brilliant so far! Next step is – sharing the content by all possible means.

Internal messaging/groups or pages – One on one or one to many chat with image, video file transfer options in personal and group pages

Wall post – Be it LinkedIn or Facebook wall posts are almost "Pint Sized Powerhouse"

Social sharing – For social bookmarking platforms social media sharing is a true bliss. It's quite easy to gain substantial reputation of content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Profile And Content Creation

Whether be it audio or video or simple article, 'content' is something that lures users on your website. Recent studies say that most of the users on social network are more interested in reading or sharing the content rather than producing something on their own.

In anyway, many creative users do exist to contribute for community and keep it happening. So, let's come to creation part remembering the thumb rule 'Content is the king!'.

Personal /Company Profiles – Comprehensive form fields as much detailed as possible to convey sufficient information about an entity be it for personal user or company representation.

Articles/Pages – Brand building can be accomplished through relevant company pages and citing articles. Like, follow and comment/nested comments further enhance the scope.

Video content – This is really amazing content creation tool connecting users at apex. The point is whether to provide option to upload the video or embed a simple link also present on Youtube, Vimeo etc. Where your point stays?

Many more thoughts to process but before that your point of view matters first. Let's Get in touch for detailed conversation.

profile and content creation
Have A Hybrid Concept Knocking Your Mind? Let's Discuss
Our off the shelf software is available for professional network solution that you might have reviewed. In comparison to work from scratch, this will help us to pivot quickly and cost-effectively for any networking solutions as many modules are in place as co-related above
What programming language/technology will be used for your solution?
We recommend use of core PHP/CodeIgniter and MYSQL with high emphasize on JavaSript, jQuery, CURL, Ajax etc as being open source and easily customizable with maximum scalability, agility and optimum quality
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